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"Nickie was excellent. Very warm and set our hearts at ease the minute she walked in the door. She was entertaining and had our little one in bed before we got home, which was surprising to us as my youngest is a bit fussy when his mummy isn't around. Have also used Nickie to feed my cat and dog while we have been on days out or weekends away! Great to know she is local and available and have got to know her very well."   EMMA BECKWITH

"It is always worrying finding someone you can trust to look after your child, especially when they are so young. But once having met Nickie and knowing about her qualifications, i knew she was the perfect person to help out with Hugo. Nickie has looked after Hugo regularly since he was born whether it be in the evening or during the day when i had client meetings. she also cooked us dinners while i was recovering from my c-section. I would highly recommend Nickie to anyone needing an extra pair of hands!"  VICTORIA HILDITCH

"Nickie has been most helpful with the household tasks i have been unable to do whilst being immobile with hip complaints. Athough i had set things i wished for support with she's always open to other requests to make my life that little bit easier.Would recommend to anyone who needs a little help" Emma Day

"Nickie comes once a week to clean for us and has been coming since summer 2019. My knees are not what they used to be and she is a huge help, does a fabulous job and is a lovely, hardworking, friendly, and very trustworthy lady.  we spend several months away each year and Nickie keeps an eye on the house for us when we're away. I totally recommend her to anyone needing some extra help at home"  Lesley Swan  ​ ​ ​

"Nickie started with me in summer 2020 after I had a stroke. She's been a great support in taking care of all the chores I can no longer do. It's reassuring knowing she's coming each week" Doreen

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